INSTALLATION: whether you already have a local PABX telephone system installed within your premises and need help with repairs or upgrades such as configuration, extra handsets installed or even extra external telephone lines installed we can help. Maybe you need a new system installed from scratch including cabling, telephone system and handsets supplied and configured we are the company you need as we can offer solutions in both situations.

Telephone Systems Dublin

CHOOSING A TELEPHONE SYSTEM: The first thing in deciding a new telephone PABX system is how many external lines you need and then how many handsets you require. These two questions will steer you in your choice as the different systems have various capacities from a simple small and reliable like the Panasonic 824 which out of the box handles 3 external lines and 8 handsets or maybe a larger Panasonic TDA100 allowing for upto 64 handsets the choice typically comes down to these figures.

PHONE SYSTEM REPAIR: Many older phone systems are starting to fail now with many having been in use for 10 plus years with faulty ports or cards, power supply's failing or units dropping their configuration due to failing batteries specially after a power cut. We have the suppliers, experience and configuration manuals for many of the existing main stream systems in use around the city. Our telephone engineers can assist in getting you back up and running in as little time as possible.