BROADBAND PROBLEMS: We are the experts in supporting DSL based broadband internet. We can test, support and repair any type of issue you may have and ensure you are receiving the full service available within your home or business.

You would be surprised how many properties that have problems with their broadband service due to internal wiring issues. Many buildings around Dublin have old, worn, damp and decaying internal telephone cabling installed in their building which is trying to deliver a modern digital service that is DSL broadband internet. Having problems with your internal wiring or equipment can cause disturbance to your internet service. You can experience brief interruption's or may have periods of no service. If you have been in touch with your service provider and they have cleared any issues on their end, we can help.

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What can we do? We will inspect your property and test the speed and consistency at the initial incoming connection to your building while isolating the internal wiring. This will identify if the internal wiring is causing interference to the DSL digital service which is sensitive to interference from issues like electromagnetic interference (EMI / RFI), line attenuation, copper degradation ect.

Typical work we do...

  • Home & business DSL broadband Support
  • Internal Wiring Support
  • Public Wifi access for pubs and restaurants
  • Poor WiFi signal or range
  • Wifi - Mesh Installations - Large Buildings.
  • Reliability or speed issues
  • Business support
  • Wireless Security

FREE WIFI: Many restaurants and pubs now offer free public WiFi. This is an excellent way of attracting and holding customers. If you would like to start offering this service in a safe and secure manner within your business simply give us a call.

RELIABLE: We can inspect and isolate your internal wiring and test the line with our own equipment. If there is a fault we will resolve it there and then but in the case where there is no local fault with internal wiring or equipment we will deal directly with your provider on your behalf until the issue is resolved and then test your service and confirm you are receiving a reliable service in line with your estimated bandwidth.

WIRELESS RANGE: Does your wireless network only cover part of your building? Do you need a reliable service to cover more than one floor or a large open area such as a factory floor. We can install a mesh type network that will span as big an area as you require.

Structured Cabling: We also offer a professional IT cabling service which delivers the installation of RJ45 Ethernet based solutions. From offices with one or two desks up to and including companies with thousands of employees, we can cater for the entire installation form the design stage to choosing a suitable network cabinet and as well the wiring installation and finally right through to testing and commissioning of the network. We have invested heavily in all our equipment and deliver you a service the leaves the competition behind. Visit here for a Dublin experts on Structured Cabling and for further information and contact details.