SUPPORT: Problems with your internal telephone wiring can cause issues ranging from low broadband speed and frequent internet disconnections to poor line quality or crackling when making telephone calls etc, often these issues can totally prevent you from making or receiving calls.

We can resolve any type of telephone based problem.

ANALOGUE VS DIGITAL: Most users will find that problems with internal telephone wiring is far more likely to cause issues with broadband than it is with your telephone calls. The reason for this is your broadband is a digital service and your telephone is analogue based, this is the reason you can have telephone and broadband on the same phone line.

Think of digital as 1's and 0's as in binary code and analogue as a wave energy, similar to the way old VHS tapes worked.

The analogue system is a far more reliable service due to it being far less complicated than digital.

The digital broadband service which is commonly known as DSL (digital subscriber line) or VDSL runs over your internal wiring pretty much exactly like the way a computer network works, it requires the wiring and circuits to be shielded from interference, limited in length, terminated using strict guidelines etc. You cant just use any cable and connect everything together and expect your broadband to be super-fast and reliable.

HOW CAN I GET IT FIXED?: The first step is always to call your service providers technical support.

They can give you advice over the phone such as if there is a known fault in the area. If there is a fault on your line. What your expected broadband speed should be etc.

If your supplier tells you that the problem is your end such as an internal wiring issue, you need the help of an independent professional telecom service provider.

As the leading telecom support service, we can take care of any type of problem you may have. With years of experience we can quickly isolate your internal and external cabling and run a range of technical tests and pin point the problem. Just give us a call and let us do the rest.