Phone Line repairs
Do you need your phone socket moved or an extension installed off the main socket within your home or business? Save time and money by installing telephone extensions where they are needed, not stuck in some office, have it exactly where you want, in the garage workshop, the restaurant service area or on the factory floor. Have your phones ring on multiple handsets even if you just have a standard line.
Extra Telephone Line Installation
We are Dublin's No.1 telephone support service with well over a thousand service calls in the Dublin area alone. We deliver the service that our customers need every single time and that is the reason why we are trusted over and over again. No matter what the issue may be, we can fix any type of damage or fault you may have, in either domestic or commercial equiptment just call and leave it up to us.
Broadband support services
The majority or homes and business in Ireland reply on their broadband service. The most popular is DSL, the service which is delivered via your telephone line. Poor quality materials, internal faults or equipment will slow or stop your service significantly, talk to us when you need an expert to look after your issues.
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